About Us

Our Mission

The Charity Stripe® is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for charitable recipients who are experiencing financial and/or emotional hardship due to military service, debilitating illness, natural disaster and/or other philanthropic conditions.

Our Vision

To create a strong “Community of Caring” that ENABLES, EMPOWERS AND INSPIRES young ATHLETES AND MUSICIANS to use their skills and talents to make life-changing differences to America’s military families, first responders, cancer patients and the disabled/disadvantaged. By participating in our sports and music charitable service projects, participants will gain valuable life lessons doing what they love most while helping those less fortunate. It’s all about “Earning Your Stripes” by positively impacting other peoples’ lives…and your own!

Our Passion

The Charity Stripe® is passionate about instilling positive values and educational life lessons in our young people and inspiring them to give back. In our mind, there is no greater gift than to use one’s own unique skills and talents to make a difference to someone truly in need and that’s what our initiative is all about!

Our Sports and Music Programs represent the perfect TEAM, GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL CHARITABLE SERVICE PROJECTS… They’re simple, easy, inspiring and life-changing for everyone involved.

Meet The Director/Read The Inspiring Story

Hello, my name is Mitch Salzstein, founder and Executive Director of The Charity Stripe, Inc., America’s Community Service Project for helping American families in need.

The Charity Stripe® is the realization of a lifelong dream that combines my passion for helping families in need and my love of sports and music. To me, there is no greater gift than to teach our young people the importance of using their skills and talents to help others.

People always ask me, “How did you come up with the idea for The Charity Stripe?” Like many new ideas, the answer is pretty surprising and unusual. I hope this story inspires you to not only team up with The Charity Stripe, but empower you to also recognize and seize opportunities to help others in need…whenever and wherever they may be.

How can being stranded and snowed in at Chicago’s O’Hare airport for over 4 hours possibly be a good thing? Well, for me, that snowstorm back in January, 2008 was an unexpected blessing, my “Aha Moment”… and the beginning of a dream that would soon become The Charity Stripe®.

As I and hundreds of other delayed passengers sat patiently in the airport terminal, one lone passenger became irate and began yelling at the gate attendant and pounding his fist on the counter creating quite a scene. He kept shouting, “I don’t care how long we’re snowed in, I need to get home right away so find me another airline and I mean now!!!” Ironically, as this uncontrollable temper tantrum was taking place, my eyes were drawn to a CNN report on the TV monitor in the gate area. It was an announcement saying that U.S. troops who were supposed to be coming home from Iraq were now facing an extended stay of up to 18 months!!!

Talk about contrast. One passenger gets delayed 4 hours and goes into an uncontrollable rage, while thousands of American troops realized their hopes of reuniting with their families and friends just got put on hold for another 18 months!. And yet, these brave troops continue to do their jobs without argument and without protest to protect and safeguard the very freedoms we all too often take for granted. Right there, I knew I had to do something…and thankfully thousands of other Americans of all ages, genders and ethnicities have joined me in providing assistance to those less fortunate through our sports and music charitable service programs. We’d be honored to have you team up with us as well to help you… help others in need.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to your participation!

Mitch Salzstein

Executive Director, The Charity Stripe, Inc.
Phone: (847) 917-8870
Email: thecharitystripe@gmail.com