What is The Charity Stripe®?

Founded in 2008, The Charity Stripe® is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for charitable recipients who are experiencing financial and/or emotional hardship due to military service, debilitating illness, natural disaster and/or other philanthropic conditions.

How does The Charity Stripe® help raise money?

Through our proprietary sports and music charitable programs, The Charity Stripe ENABLES, EMPOWERS AND INSPIRES ATHLETES AND MUSICIANS to use their own sports skills and musical talents to raise funds for American families in need.

Participants simply play the sports and/or music they love and donors pledge money based on the athlete or musician’s performance. It’s all about providing valuable life lessons and “Earning Your Stripes” by positively impacting other peoples’ lives…and your own!

What are your charitable sports and music programs?

The Charity Stripe® currently offers the following programs that focus on important charitable causes:


Free Throws For Heroes®

Free Throws For
The Fight®

Troop Dreams®

Charity Stripe Challenge™


Batter Up For
The Brave®

Batter Up To
Battle Cancer®

Safe At HomeTM

Homers For Heroes™


Huddle Up For Heroes®

Huddle Up To Tackle CancerTM

Go The Extra Yard®

T.D. Throws For Heroes™


Light The Lamp,
Brighten A LifeTM

Saves For
The BraveTM


Serve Our TroopsTM

Serve It Up To
Ace Cancer™

Serve The
Greater Good™


Train For our TroopsTM

Get Fit For The FightTM

Pump Iron,
Pump Up  A LifeTM


Cheers For Our TroopsTM

Boost Their SpiritsTM

Run, Walk, Bike, Swim

Laps of LoveTM


Music To Their Ears®


Serve Our TroopsTM

Serve It Up To Ace Cancer™

Serve The
Greater Good™


Stars, Stripes & StrikesTM


Hole It For HeroesTM

Cure It On The CourseTM

What causes do your charitable programs support?

Primarily, military troops/first responders and their families as well as patients experiencing cancer or other debilitating diseases. In addition, many of our charitable programs can easily be adapted to provide aid to the poor, homeless, hungry and victims of natural disaster.

What types of assistance do the funds cover?

Our financial assistance comes in many forms including: rehabilitation equipment, sports/exercise equipment, musical instruments/music therapy, tickets to sports/musical events, clothing/wigs, holiday gifts/toys, mortgage/utility assistance, family travel/transportation expenses, special wishes and more…to help make their lives more comfortable

How do you validate requests for assistance?

Requests for charitable assistance follow a strict policy of submitting a formal notarized application to The Charity Stripe including supporting documentation (such as a dd214 for honorably discharged veterans) as well as providing non-family references who can validate the assistance needed. We then evaluate each application and work with organizations like the Veterans Administration, Department of Employment Security, Family Readiness Groups, Medical Care Providers and others to confirm the legitimacy and merits of the request. Those passing our official screening process are selected for assistance through a participating school, team, group and/or organization.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, The Charity Stripe® is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization. So, any donation made to The Charity Stripe through our sports and music programs is 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please check your state tax code for confirmation.

What is your charitable give-back percentage

The Charity Stripe® strives for a minimum of 88% of all donations received will be directed to the intended pre-qualified and pre-certified recipients with no more than the remaining 12% covering organizational overhead and administrative expenses. The more participating players, teams and groups certainly goes a long way to helping cover our expenses and ensuring a higher percentage give-back to these charitable recipients.

When are your programs/events?

Click Here for a calendar of events.

Can anyone participate?

The answer is a resounding yes! The Charity Stripe® encourages Americans of all ages and walks of life to “Earn Their Stripes” through our sports and music programs. They’re perfect for individuals, teams, schools, groups and organizations.

It’s fun, it’s recreational and it will leave you feeling great knowing that you used your own sports skills and/or musical talents to create a “Community of Caring” to help fellow Americans in need.

How do I sign-up?

To sign up as a:
School, team, group, club or organization as a coach, athletic director or group head, click here.
Individual player, musician, fan or booster, click here.
Program sponsor, click here.
Make a flat donation or make a donation on behalf of a specific school, team, group or player, click here.

How do I participate?

Participation is very simple and easy. First, click here to sign up. We’ll mail an official program kit to the contact person listed on the registration form about 3-4 weeks prior to the event which will include pledge sheets, cover letters and participation certificates for all participants. If you’re an individual player or musician, you can download the pledge sheet here.

How much money should I/we try to raise?

Of course, any money raised for a charitable effort is relevant, important and meaningful.

If we had to provide a target goal, we would suggest that each participant try to raise a minimum of $50…that’s just $10.00 from five family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and/or employers.

Based on the past few years, a team of 15 players or group of 15 musicians on average typically raise between $800 and 1,200 (about $50-$80 per player) Again, any amount raised is beneficial and very much appreciated.

How can I/we increase our donation?

Great question and we have several great answers.

For schools, make sure that you get boys and girls teams/groups for all grade levels to participate - 1st-5th graders, 6th-8th graders, freshmen through varsity athletes - All grade levels of choir and orchestra, honor, jazz and marching bands - Intramural teams - Organize a “Charity Stripe® Challenge” to other teams in your conference, league and division.

Encourage the entire school to participate in a “Charity Stripe Challenge.” Challenge the principal, dean and teachers in a sports or music-related challenge for a great cause.

Many companies offer matching contributions for charitable donations. Check with your employer (or parent’s employers) and see if they’ll match your pledges…That’s a great way to double the fun and double your donation! Click here for a corporate matching form.

How about local businesses and boosters pledging money for team performance.

Contact your local media and make them aware of your participation in this event. It’s a great human interest story and  the exposure could raise additional donations throughout the community.

Who to contact?

e-mail:  thecharitystripe@gmail.com
Phone: (847) 917-8870
Regular mail:  The Charity Stripe, 305 Lee Road, Ste. A, Northbrook, IL 60062
For media inquiries or sponsorship opportunities: contact Mitch Salzstein at (847) 917-8870