For Coaches

For Coaches, Athletic Directors, & Trainers

“A coaching career may be defined by wins and losses… but a coach’s legacy will always be defined by the life lessons and values they instill in their players to prepare them to be productive, caring members of their communities…and that’s what The Charity Stripe® and these programs are all about!”

The Gameplan

Programs are completely FREE. NO ADDITIONAL TIME REQUIRED OF YOU…Just  participate and/or play the game and add up your team statistics and/or individual performance. That’s It!

Basketball: Total free throws made by each player out of 50 in JUST ONE practice or total team free throws in a specific game or throughout season

Football:  Total yards, touchdowns, points or tackles in JUST ONE practice, game or season

Baseball/Softball: Total hits or runs scored in JUST ONE practice, game or throughout season

Hockey: Total goals scored and/or goalie saves in practice or throughout season

Exercise/Fitness: Your choice: total weight lifted, push-ups, sit-ups, jump rope, hula hoop, aerobics etc on one day or throughout season

Volleyball: Total successful serves out of 50 per player during one practice

Run, Walk, Bike, Swim: Total distance or total laps in one practice or designated time period

Cheerleading: Cheers to boost spirits…and donations

Tennis/Badminton: Total successful serves out of 50 per player during one practice

Bowling: Total individual and/or team scores or total strikes in a game or match

Golf: Total individual and/or team scores in a round or match

Players simply get small pledges/donations from immediate family members/friends for your selected criteria above. NO Door-to-door fundraising required; Just target $10.00 each from 5-8 family members/friends of each player will help a family in need.