For Parents


  • Program participation helps instill positive values and educational life lessons in your kids.
  • Enables and empowers your children to use their sports skills and musical talents to make life-changing difference to them and American families in need.
  • They raise money by simply playing the sports and/or music they love.
  • NO selling and NO door-to-door fundraising required! Their athletic and music performance triggers charitable donations… A lot more fun, significance and meaning than selling candy bars, wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions.
  • A significant asset and important requirement for college applications and resumes.
    -  Charitable involvement/community service currently ranks #4 in importance on college applications behind GPA, ACT/SAT scores and extra-curricular activities.
  • Promotes leadership, organization and communication skills as well as caring, empathy and sensitivity to those less fortunate.

In our mind, there is no greater gift than to use one’s own unique skills and talents to make a difference to someone truly in need and.. that’s what our Charity Stripe sports and music initiatives are all about!