Free Throws For Heroes®/
Free Throws For Freedom®

Providing charitable assistance to our military troops and their families

Free Throws For
The Fight®

Helping cancer patients and their families find comfort and a cure

Troop Dreams®

Making military family dreams and wishes come true

Just ONE DAY during ONE PRACTICE for 20 minutes as ONE unified basketball community to make free throws that make a difference to fellow Americans in need
Just pick the day/time that works best for you!

How It Works

  • NO COST to you, your team, school, group, club or organization
  • Free throw event only takes about 20 minutes
  • Each participating player shoots 50 free throws during just one practice
  • Players get small pledges from family and friends for every free throw they make out of 50
  • Choose military families, cancer patients or both to receive your donations
  • “Official” Free Throws  kit mailed to primary program contact 3-4 weeks prior to event
  • No door-to-door fundraising required. Just small pledges from 5-10 family members/friends.
  • Contributions are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law and your state tax code
  • Option: The Charity Stripe® Challenge:  Challenge a rival school, other schools in your conference, administrators, fellow students or alumni to a free throw contest

Program Materials

Download Pledge Sheets Download Parent Cover Letters

Who’s Participating?

Participating schools/teams will be added upon their sign-ups

coming soon

Thank you to our sponsors for their invaluable support and especially for sharing our passion to help those less fortunate through sports. Please support them and their efforts.