Huddle Up For Heroes®

Providing charitable assistance to our military troops and their families

Huddle Up To Tackle Cancer®

Helping cancer patients and their families find comfort and a cure

Go The Extra Yard®

Total yards gained triggers a charitable contribution to a military family and/or cancer patient

Just play the game and add up your team stats for a particular game or the entire season…your team decides! Some ideas to Huddle Up as a team and Go The Extra Yard:

T.D. Throws For Heroes™ (donations for every Touchdown pass) Total touchdowns, points or yards gained in a game or season Total tackles, sacks or interceptions in a game or season

How It Works

  • NO COST to you, your team, school, group or organization
  • All a coach, player or parent rep needs to do is add up your stats for a specific game, set of games or for the entire season…your team decides
  • Players get small pledges from family and friends for the selected performance above
  • Simply choose military families, cancer patients or both to receive your donations
  • “Official” Huddle Up kit mailed to primary program contact 3-4 weeks prior to event
  • No door-to-door fundraising required. Just small pledges from 5-10 family members/friends makes a huge difference to those less fortunate
  • Contributions are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law and your state tax code

Program Materials

Download Pledge Sheets Download Parent Cover Letters

Who’s Participating?

coming soon

coming soon

Thank you to our sponsors for their invaluable support and especially for sharing our passion to help those less fortunate through sports. Please support them and their efforts.