Light The Lamp,
Brighten A Life®

Saves For The Brave™

Providing charitable assistance to our military families, cancer patients and the disabled/disadvantaged…through the great sport of hockey!

When you/your team scores a goal and when your goalies make a save, you’ll help brighten the lives of military families in need and/or cancer patients seeking comfort and a cure

How It Works

  • NO COST to you, your team, school, group, league or organization
  • THREE ways to participate/contribute:
    1. EACH PLAYER takes 50 shots at a goalie OR at an empty net from
    different spots on the ice and gets small pledges for each goal out of 50
    he/she scores. Goalie “saves” also trigger charitable contributions.
    2. Every TEAM goal scored during a specific game, series of games or entire season = charitable donations from the players’ family and friends. All a coach/team parent needs to do is add up total team goals…that’s it!
    3. Players simply make a flat donation by collecting contributions from family and friends
  • Choose military families, cancer patients or both to receive your donations
  • “Official” Light The Lamp kit mailed to primary program contact 2-3 weeks prior to event
  • No door-to-door fundraising required. Just small pledges from 5-10 family members/friends makes a huge difference to those less fortunate
  • Contributions are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law and your state tax code

Program Materials

Download Pledge Sheets Download Parent Cover Letters

Who’s Participating?

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