Directors and Coaches Share Their Perspectives

“We are thrilled to partner with The Charity Stripe for Free Throws For Heroes. This tremendous program provides our coaches with a cause to ensure that we teach valuable life lessons to our players beyond just winning…giving back to those less fortunate through the great sport of basketball.”

- Chuck Rolinski, Executive Director, Illinois Basketball Coaches Association
- Jim Tracy, President, Illinois Basketball Coaches Association


“We’re proud to support The Charity Stripe and are very happy that our high schools have taken advantage of this opportunity to help show kids the bigger picture.”

- Kurt Gibson, Associate Executive Director, Illinois High School Association


“We were blessed to have shared this experience with you. We look forward to working with The Charity Stripe next year to provide even greater help to all our brave troops and their families who are so deserving.”

- Boys & Girls Basketball Coaches, Reavis High School


“It is with great pleasure and honor that Oregon HS participated in this year’s Free Throws For Heroes Event…I feel our players have a deeper appreciation for just how fortunate we are to be able to live each day under the blanket of freedom, and gain a better sense of what is really important in life.”

- Kip Crandall, Oregon Activities Director


“Thank you for offering us the chance to be involved in this great program as it allowed me the opportunity to educate my players to some of the issues faced by our soldiers and their families. Our players are more enlightened for partaking in this great cause. We look forward to teaming up with you next year!”

- Mr. Tim Kohlbecker, Tuscola High School Basketball Coach


“On behalf of the basketball players at St. Joseph HS, we’re very happy to send in our donation for our heroes and their families. We look forward to raising an even greater amount next year! Keep up the great work!”

- Mr. Gene Pingatore, St. Joseph HS Varsity Basketball Coach


“Thank you for inviting Glenbrook North High School to participate in your Free Throws charity program. It allows our players to shoot free throws and know that they are helping other people at the same time. It is a great lesson in life for our players and some of them have really done a nice job promoting this program. Mitch Salzstein has done an outstanding job of running this program and working with the high schools.”

- Dave Weber, Glenbrook North HS Head Basketball Coach


“The decision to back Free Throws For Heroes was a no-brainer. Any time you devote yourself to something bigger than you, you become part of something great. We’ve always tried to create ways to make free throws mean something and now they really will.”

- Bruce Firchau, Westminster Christian High School Varsity Coach


“I wanted to take the time to thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a great cause…and for letting us be a part of something so special.”

- Josh Knuth, West Carroll High School Basketball Coach


“This is a great charity, something close to me as I have a cousin serving in the military. Thank you on behalf of military families like mine and from all of us at Anna-Jonesboro High School.”

- Brian Matzenbacher, Anna Jonesboro HS Head Basketball Coach


“Free Throws For Heroes is a wonderful way of supporting those who have given so much for our freedom.”

- Carol Schramm, Athletic Director, Pana High School


“I try to teach my kids that basketball is more than just playing a game. It’s about being a good student and a good citizen…and Free Throws For Heroes certainly reinforced this goal. Thanks for allowing us to participate.”

- Joni Bass, Rich East Basketball Coach