Event Details

Your school’s sports events and TROOP DREAMS TEAMS provide the opportunity to honor our troops and their families…it’s easy, inspiring & very inspirational!
  • Deserving military families will have their wishes granted at your school in front of your students, parents & fans, whenever and wherever possible

Two Easy Steps

1) Simply select a date for your TROOP DREAMS game, match and/or meet.
  • Ideally, one that will attract a large number of home and visiting fans
  • ALL Boys & Girls sports AND all grade levels are encouraged to have their own Troop Dreams Event

2) Student/parent volunteers collect minimum $1.00 donations at the door and mail back to The Charity Stripe in provided postage paid return envelopes
  • You’ll also receive Troop Dreams flyers, posters etc. to promote the event(s)
  • The Charity Stripe is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization since 2007 with over $360,000 raised. All donations are tax deductible

TROOP DREAMS WEEK (Optional activities)

Interested athletes and students form TROOP DREAMS TEAMS to promote a TROOP DREAMS week at your school or organization to build excitement and participation.

  • Sell Troop Dreams T-shirts, wrist bands, rally towels and/or mini American flags to display at your Troop Dreams event
  • For additional fun Troop Dreams activities for all the students and faculty, CLICK HERE