Why/How to Participate?

Why Participate?

Let’s face it…kids who participate in sports and music these days are asked to be salespeople. They’re required to sell candy bars, wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, discount cards and more.

However, wouldn’t it be great to actually raise money doing what kids love and enjoy the most: Playing sports and making music…and that’s what our Charity Stripe® programs are all about!

1) Fun, inspirational opportunities to positively impact other peoples’ lives…and your own!

2) You truly help fellow Americans in need…simply by playing the sports or music you love

3) Your sports skills and/or musical talents trigger donations for those less fortunate

4) It’s simple, easy and straightforward…typically just ONE DAY for as little as ONE HOUR

5) There’s NO DOOR-TO-DOOR FUNDRAISING required…just small donations from close family and friends will make a huge difference for those in need

6) Perfect for individuals as well as teams, schools, groups and organizations

7) An outstanding charitable service program and huge asset for college applications and resumes…demonstrating your initiative, organization, leadership and teamwork skills


Participation is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1) SIGN UP HERE (Boys AND Girls, ALL Grade Levels)

  • Just pick your sport or music activity
  • Only takes a minute to sign up
  • Easily register your team, school, group, club or organization on this one convenient form


  • After sign-up, The Charity Stripe® will mail you the official event kit about 4 weeks prior to event
  • Simply distribute the parent cover letters and pledge sheets to participants
  • You can also instantly download pledge sheet and parent cover letterhere

3) MAIL DONATIONS BACK (in the provided postage pre-paid envelopes)

  • After the event, simply return donations in the postage pre-paid envelopes included in the kit