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Bringing joy to others through
sports, music & fun activities
Helping children with
debilitating illnesses
find comfort & a cure

Our 12 Charitable Sports Programs

(Click below for details--NO cost, very easy, just participate and play!)

Our Charitable Events & Activities

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Helping military family dreams & wishes come true

Class Acts


Recognizing & rewarding youth for acts of caring & kindness

Pure CURE  Emotion


Expressions of profound joy and happiness for cures

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Making instrumental and inspirational differences to
those with disabilities

Celebrating American diversity

to help others

overcome adversity

Creating a climate of cooperation to ensure a healthier environment for our planet and all living things

3 Easy Ways To Participate
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Option 1
Just add up team stats over
"X" games or season

Click sport below for more details
Option 2
Just 10-20 minutes after ONE practice or on player's own time
Click sport below for more details
Option 3
A one-day, at-school charitable program for students & fans
Click activity below for more details
Troop Dreams® Military Appreciation Game
Music To Their Ears™
American Flag World Record Signature Campaign
Class Acts™
Pure Cure Emotion™
Climate Constitution/
Spare Change for Climate Change
Additional Ways To Participate
School Activity Directors,
Clubs & Organizations
(Click Here)



Click and scroll photos for event descriptions

Please complete and submit form below with any questions, comments and/or requests for more information. We will try and respond within 24 hours. Thank you.

Thanks for your interest and for contacting us. We'll try and respond within 24 hours

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

We sincerely hope you'll join us in one or more of our charitable sports, music and activity initiatives...

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